February 28, 2011: 
December 10, 2010:  The Coptic Art Museum in Cairo, Egypt displayed a painting of Sts. Julitta and Cyriacus with a caption indicating that:
    ".... Before receiving their crowns of martyrdom, the mother proclaimed her son her spiritual father and teacher."
(source Times of Malta)
November 10 & September 7, 2010: 
June 16, 2010:  Ss. Julitta and Cyriacus of Iconium are Turkish according to this AE Saints of the Day posting at BlogSpot.com.  This commemoration date posting also indicates that their "relics are at Nevers and in the monastery of Saint-Amand, Tournai" and summarizes parts of the legend regarding Charlemagne and his child on a boar emblem that are more detailed (with references) at this www.Answers.com entry.
April 19, 2010:  Julitta & her son, Cyriacus [Quiricus] - Living Orthodox Faith BlogSpot reference.  This version of their story has them migrating from Lycaonia in Iconium to Seleucid with part of their relics residing in to this day.  [ Ohrid (on Lake Ohrid) at 4107'N 2049'E is in Macedonia (above Greece) and is quite distant from the site of their martyrdom in the northeastern Mediterranean in what is now Turkey. ] mirror/source at St. Lazarus
November 1, 2009:  Mor Kuriakose and Mortha Yulithi blog site reference.
Bishop St. Januarius of Benevento was martyred during another of these 'generic' confrontations occurring throughout the Roman Empire during this FINAL Great Persecution from 304 ~ 307.  The objective was to make Christians submit to the higher authority of the Empire or suffer the immediate consequence of death.  So many chose death rather than deny their faith that the new Emperors replacing Diocletian and Maximianus had to admit they couldn't kill the Christians off fast enough.
This trial by tribunal took place at Nola (40.55N 14.32E) in Campania Province within sight of Mt. Vesuvius near Naples.  A Public Domain account of St. Januarius' martyrdom can be obtained at an alternative site.
Bill Thayer's page, in Italian, contains various Cyriacus references.
TREASURES OF THE COPTIC CHURCH.  Coptic Collection (preliminary list): SS. Cyriacus, Anna, and Adamon ... SS. Cyriacus and Julietta.
The Parish Church of St. Cyriac and Julitta in Luxulyan (Luck-silly-un), Cornwall, Britain, has a good discussion of phonetics, naming history, the Crusaders bringing back saints to revere and other esoterica, (local Luxulyan place entry) and (added 4/21/10):
    However, the most intriguing insight into local life and human shortcomings is provided by the Diocesan Register of Bishop Stafford of Exeter where it records the issue of two commissions on 1st June 1417 affecting the "Sanstorum Ciricii et Juletta de Lossulyan" the first being:
      'for the absolution of Robert and William Sakkaiewy, William Trewbys and Richard Kendale, excommunicated for committing a violent assault on William Cowlyn in the Cemetery of the said Church'
    and the second:
      'for the Reconciliation of the Cemetery'.

March 20th, 2009:  Google book reference


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