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M. CYRIACVS SPANGENBERGIVS, 1528~1604, The M. may be the standard abbreviation for Master but if not, then the Cyriacus middle name may be the familial name of his mother.  (Surely his nose is impressive enough to qualify for that in the tradition of our family!)  He was a great defender of Martin Luther and thereby an equally great critic of the Pope(s).
Spangenberg,     Von der Musica und den Meistersangern / herausgegeben
Cyriacus       durch Adelbert von Keller 1812-1883.
 1528    Series: Bibliothek des Litterarischen Vereins in Stuttgart; Bd. 62
   ~1604   Subj: Music -- History and criticism -- Medieval, 400-1500
                 -- Early works to 1800.  Meistersinger.
            Pub: Stuttgart : Litterarischer Verein, 1861. 172 p. ; 22 cm.
            LC#: PT1101.L5 vol.62 (Per Northwestern Univ.)
         UWMad#: ARQ3030        Source: GZM GZM
   (and)  Notes: "Reprografischer Nachdruck der Ausgabe Stuttgart 1861
                 (Bibliothek des Literarischen Vereins, Band 62)"
            Pub: Aildesheim, G. Olms Verlagsbuchhandlung,1966 172pMUSIC 22cm
            LC#: ML183 .S7  UWMad#: APG3934  Source: DLC BUF m.c. m/c GZM

Bode,         Hartmut XII. von Cronberg, Reichsritter der
Helmut        Reformationszeit : mit Martin Luthers Missive an Hartmut
1910-         und dem Hartmut-Kapitel aus dem "Adels-Spiegel" des
              Cyriacus  Spangenberg (1591/94) / Helmut Bode
         Pub: Frankfurt am Main : Kramer, 1987.
         LC#: DD177.H27B64 1987

Janssen,    History of the German People at the close of the Middle Ages,
Johannes    (Translated by M. A. Mitchell & A. M. Christie) (v. XIV)
       Pub: Kegan Paul, Trench, Trubner & Co.
            Dryden House, Gerrard Street, W. 1906 London
       Pub: AMS Press, Inc., New York, 1966 
Two samplings from the english translation of the History of the German People ...:
Spangenberg, in 1562, wrote - "The Popes are murderers ; they condemn and put to death all those who blame the godless, sodomitish profligacy of the popish priests, monks and nuns.  ... Their work is gorging and swilling and dishonouring women and young girls."

That Luther's credit had sunk to such a low ebb everywhere in Germany was the constant complaint of the defenders of his doctrine. ' Almost all over the land,' wrote Cyriacus Spangenberg as early as 1594, ' it has come to this that it may well be said as in Exodus i. 8 : " There arose up a new king over Egypt, which knew not Joseph ; " for scarcely anybody cares to hear or know anything more concerning the saintly Luther.'

SPANGENBERG, CYRIACUS, Von der Musica und den Meisters„ngern

HELLMUT SCHUMANN AG - RARE books (124) SPANGENBERG, Cyriacus.  Historia von der flechtenden Kranckheit der ...  First and most probably only edition of this extremely scarce pest tract ...

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