Welcome to the Main Entry Portal of our single surname family history study.  We study the Cyriac-the
 first image created for this FHP name and its thousands of variations regardless of its application to person, place or thing.  Although the primary emphasis is upon family connections, no stone is left unturned in our quest for more knowledge about the name.  To that end, more than 300 separate web sites (single- or multi-page topical portals) have been created here within the  Cyriac Family History Project  umbrella.
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Organizations and entities all over the world are now posting information on the internet - some of which is relevant to and referenced at this site.  The Gmail 'alerts' function helps find them as they are discovered by Google's search engine(s).  The most recent of those 'alerts' are helping us discover the Origin of our Family Name - a matter so important that it not only has its own page, it is has a

[toggle-me] show/hide button embedded within various other narratives where the reader can display & read the discussion and then hide it when done to continue with the rest of the narrative on that page.  [ This webmaster thanks WikipediaWikipedia for pointing to the possibilities of this hide/show technique which is exemplified and amplified for other webmasters at www.jamrent.com/wrapem.htm. ]

Navigation aides can be found within each of the

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at the bottom of almost every page - some pop-up aide file pages don't have them.  In addition, separate menus, pages and [toggle-me] space saving narratives have been created for:

  • century by century chronological summary - of the detail contained within the 1,024 web pages & images of this voluminous web site - (the chronology will be a work in progress for at least the next several years).

  • Cumulative month by month links to items - following the web site links section are the thousands of local links to new spelling page entries for our family name - alphabetically sequenced according to when they were discovered.

  • - (snippets and photos; most of the contents remain privately published)

  • - (via www.CoolText.com).

  • - alphabetically sequenced portals to the dozen pages holding the A through Z alternative spellings of our family name found, so far.
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    Much of the USA based genealogical and 'my story' research ( verbal histories related to John Ciriacks and others by elders of our family - see next paragraph ) was done from 1969 onward with the results published privately in a large 3 ring binder.  We also paid a genealogist in Germany to do research on our behalf in the Bremen area in the early 1970s - much of that research is reflected online and can be seen ( mostly in image files ) referenced at various pages and mostly at our Bremen page.  Some Bremen area, Germany and USA birth/death/marriage records research was done in 1972 and 1973, respectively.  Most of the locations pointing to where those records might be found ( in the USA ) was accomplished beforehand by a thorough perusal of the hundreds of City Directories located in the library of the Wisconsin State Historical Society in Madison, Wisconsin - that perusal took a couple weeks.

    Almost all of the late 19th and early 20th century oral history that is contained in the privately published 3 ring binder was done over the telephone and eventually in person when John Ciriacks, Phd, made contact with senior members of our extended family throughout the world.  Some of those contacts resulted in letters to him containing research done by other family members that is included at this web site.

    The 'serious, ancient' historical research of our family name (for our Wisconsin based family history project) began at the University of New Mexico library in 1970.  [ See James and Helmut for research done by others independent of ours. ] The Charlotte M. Yonge book, History of Christian Names (online), proved to be our first valuable hint at the widespread dissemination of our family surname, but it wasn't appreciated as much then as it is now.

    [ The 1969 Covered Bridge Park & Artesian Lake meetings need to be included here. ]

    The internet portion of this single surname family history study began in February 1998 with some emails - go to the first page of our guestbook to begin reading them.  Since then, thanks to the ongoing geometric development of the internet and all of the people and entities responding to it, this web site has become far too complex for one person to handle.  But, not giving-up or caving-in, numerous, often redundant navigation aides have been developed to facilitate getting to the details within these thousands of pages of information.  [ Needless to say, those navigation aides heighten the administrative complexity of the site, but hey, even the webmaster needs help finding stuff in these pages.  Glitches in the pages that appear every now and then are a result of the javascript coding that is supposed to make webmastering easier - sometimes it becomes a more time consuming burden when enhancements in one area cause problems in an area designed years ago and needing updating.  Be patient - they'll get fixed eventually. ]

    Much of the information gathered and summarized at this web site is detailed at other sites - links to those sites are indicated where appropriate.  If all else fails, use

    and the other search engines to find the latest (or more) information.  [ 2/10/2013:  Many of the external links found a decade or more ago no longer work and are replaced or eliminated as they are discovered - look inside the source HTML file to see old dead links that may help find a replacement site.  Linking accuracy is a continuous and lengthy process that can consume all of one's time and energy.  Even many of the 'cached' pages at Google are no longer found.  Eventually, someone (like Microsoft, Google or Wikipedia) will dedicate a server to old dead links where us Webmasters can place new links so that the flow of information on the internet can remain seamless to users.

    Larger bold type is used at this web site in order to help those like this webmaster who have senior eyesight not as effective as when we were in our prime.  Unlike commercial sites where most of the small type goes unread, these pages are meant to be read in their entirety - especially by those newly discovering our family history.

    Ruben James Ciriacks, MBA
    Webmaster, Genealogist & Cyriac Family Historian
    February 26, 2014
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